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One of the most overwhelming aspects of planning a wedding can be deciding how you want it to look. Navigating the black hole aka Pinterest is stressful, confusing and ends with couples feeling lost in a sea of trends that don't necessarily speak to them. I want to throw a rope to all of you drowning brides and pull you up to the surface. Where you can design a beautiful wedding that encapulates YOUR unique #weddingstyle and personalities. After all ... we're celebrating the love and future of two unique humans who found their way to one another.

Often I come across couples who aren't sure of their style or what they like (these are actually my favorite) so I put together a brief survey to get an idea of WHO they are - without getting boxed into pre-generated trends. You can ask yourself and your partner these same questions to help discover what speaks to you. I've broken it down into two groups Style and Vibe. We'll talk vibe first, I think this is the most important aspect of the entire day. Start by asking yourselves these questions:

How do we want our wedding day to feel?

How do we want our guests to feel?

How do we want to feel as a couple?

Answering these questions sets the mood of the entire planning process and the start of your new marriage. Ask them often, it will help you stay on track and not lose sight of the why.

Next look at some thoughts to consider when handling the logistics of your wedding day. These will help guide you through things like budget, vendors, and other small details.

What are our priorities?

What do we picture when we think of our wedding day?

Does anything from this picture stand out?

Finally don't be afraid to put a new spin on a good idea....or just borrow one you really loved!

What is the best wedding/event you've ever been to? Why?

What was the worst and why?

Discuss all of these questions thoroughly with your partner and write down your answers. Keep them in mind as you talk to other vendors, let them know how you want your day to feel. Refer back to these thoughts when building a budget and thinking about every decision you make for your wedding day.

Stay tuned for my guide on how to create the perfect wedding style - your way! Free from trends and true to you.

Peace, love and good vibes


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